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Concerning Morsleben – emission and immission monitoring

begin 2014.09.09 06:00 PM
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The monitoring of the emissions and immissions of the Morsleben repository is an important task to guarantee compliance with the legal limit values and the associated protection of the population.

All discharges of radioactive and other materials from the repository are referred to as emissions. The deposit of these materials in the environment and their impact on man and environment are referred to as immissions.

Many citizens question:

  • What legal provisions are applied in the monitoring of the repository?
  • What is being measured and how are the measurements carried out?
  • What results do the measurements show?
  • Is it safe in the vicinity of the repository?
  • Can the existence of the repository be proven at all by the measurements?

These and other questions were dealt with in the scope of the event series "Concerning Morsleben" on 9 September 2014 at 6 p.m. at the Morsleben information centre. Dr. Gerler (Federal Office for Radiation Protection) and Mr Gragert (State Office for Nature Conservation Saxony-Anhalt) held the lecture. Both gave a deep insight into the comprehensive monitoring measures and confirmed again that the Morsleben repository does not influence its environment.

The members of the Morsleben information centre are available for questions or additional information.


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