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Call for contemporary witnesses – history of the Morsleben repository

The former salt mine and today's radioactive waste repository Morsleben has a colourful history: Mining of potash and rock salt, weapons manufacturing executed by concentration camp prisoners during the area of National Socialism, later on poultry production, toxic landfill site and radioactive waste repository.

In the scope of its public relations work, the Federal Office for Radiation Protection plans an exhibition on the repository's history at the INFO MORSLEBEN. Contemporary witnesses shall also have their say.
We ask for your support

  • Do you recall the mining of the "Sun salt from Bartensleben"?
  • Do you recall the forced labourers and concentration camp prisoners who were forced to work in the Marie and Bartensleben mines?
  • Did you or one of your relatives or acquaintances ever work in the poultry production? Can you give us a report on this?
  • Do you recall the time when the mine was converted into a repository?
  • Can you give us a report as to what was known of the use as a repository in the vicinity in the former eastern or western part of Germany?
  • Have you kept memorabilia of your work or documents of your everyday life? Would you be prepared to lend these things to the exhibition?

Should you have pictures or memorabilia or be able to give a report on the mine’s history, we would be glad if you contacted us. For this purpose please refer to the INFO MORSLEBEN.

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Manuel Wilmanns

BfS INFO Morsleben
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