asse mine

Research and development

In 1979, the German Federal Government and the Government of Lower Saxony agreed that only research and development activities for the safe disposal of radioactive wastes shall be performed in the Asse Mine

  • Development and testing of emplacement methods for heat generating – mainly high-active – wastes and dealing with relevant safety-related questions
  • Development and testing of methods for backfilling and sealing of boreholes, chambers, drifts and shafts in a repository for radioactive waste
Photo: Uncovered emplacement borehole

Joint German-American test with cobalt-60 sources. Uncovered emplacement borehole after end of test – The blue coloration in the rock salt is due to radiological interaction and extends into the rock less than half a meter.

Photo: Facility for drilling of large boreholes

Facility for drilling of large boreholes with a diameter of 3.50 metres

In spring 1992, the Federal Ministry for Research and Technology (BMFT) (today Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF)) announced that after 1.1.1993 the large-scale tests performed at the Asse Mine for a long time and those in preparation will no longer be supported by project funds.
As a consequence of this decision, the GSF - Institut für Tieflagerung was liquidated on 30.6.1995 after 30 years of successful research work.