Am 25. April 2017 sind die Betreiberaufgaben für die Schachtanlage Asse, das Endlager Konrad und Morsleben auf die Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung mbH (BGE) übertragen worden. Diese Seite des Bundesamtes für Strahlenschutz (BfS) wird daher nicht mehr aktualisiert und zeigt den Stand vom 24. April 2017. Aktuelle Informationen erhalten Sie bei der BGE:

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The phenomenon of the Asse mine: Many bloomers, few facts

Paradoxically, tablets that do not include any active substance may actually be healing. This has been verified by many medical experiments. Medical professionals refer to it as the so-called placebo effect. This phenomenon also occurs the other way around: A sufficiently negative basic philosophy as well as bad experience paired with anxiety, may have the result that things actually happen that have been feared for a long time – the self-fulfilling prophecy.

Winding tower of shaft Asse II Winding towerWinding tower of shaft Asse II

The phenomenon of the Asse mine is a good educational example with many facets and an abundance of colourful bloomers. One of the most recent bloomers accrued from the question as to how banks evaluate buildings and plots located near the Asse mine. According to research carried out by journalist, bankers rate these properties as risk financing; accordingly, buyers have to face worse conditions. The source: Anonymous. Facts or remarks on the actual risk of the Asse mine: None.

At no point were questions asked as to what hazards and risks were actually talked about. The words "Asse mine" alone are sufficient to provide a basis for an evaluation. For years, citizens have engaged in the Asse monitoring process for a topic that is technically and professionally highly demanding. Not wanting to expect the facts of the risk potential of them, is a sign of little respect and – the own tunnel vision.

However, apart from the environmental problem, a close look will also reveal a "value-generating" side of the Asse remediation. This can additionally be supported with facts and not only with hearsay. In 2014 alone, according to reports, the investments amounting to several millions of euros served to maintain over 1,700 workplaces all over Germany. The works on decommissioning are unparalleled world-wide and have potential to develop innovations, experts emphasise.

In the long run, the one-dimensional thinking about a potential "loss in value" will not help discover the opportunities and threats of a territory. It just promotes the one effect spinning round itself: The self-fulfilling prophecy.

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Transfer of operator responsibilities

On 25 April 2017, the operator responsibilities for the Asse II mine as well as the Konrad and Morsleben repositories were transferred to the Federal Company for Radioactive Waste Disposal (Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung mbH, BGE). Previously, the responsibility for the projects was with the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS). The foundations for the change of operatorship are laid down in the "Act on the Realignment of the Organisational Structures in the Field of Radioactive Waste Disposal", which became effective on 30 July 2016. The BfS focusses on the federal tasks of radiation protection, for example in the field of defence against nuclear hazards, medical research, mobile communication, UV protection or the measuring networks for environmental radioactivity.

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